Monday, February 23, 2009

Enough is enough.

Okay, i might be a tough guy when it comes to my view of things, but it takes a lot to get me to raise a scene in a public place where i start actually screaming at someone. Now, I must say that I am one of those people who it can be pretty damn tough being my friend if you cannot take a joke, and certainly cannot take a whole slew of jokes. I am a very rough guy, you become a new friend, i treat you like i have known you for a while, and i will get out right mean with my jokes. I am harsh. Now, if someone who just met me can take my biting sarcasm and my brutal teasing, why the fuck cant someone else who DEALS WITH THAT SHIT FROM ME TOO, not be able to stand the more insignificant stuff that someone else gives them? Its rather taxing and frustrating when i can deal the most brutal honesty ever, screaming it with fuckin passion to a person in a public place not giving a damn that there are people staring at me because they hear yelling and the person still laugh it off and talk to me but someone else who they have a crush on just make a small comment like "dont hug me, we aren't dating" and suddenly is seriously pissed off. Truthfully, me screaming "I dont wanna fucking hear you talk about wanting to get high because your life is so fucking hard, because someone you fucking dated was threatening my fucking life" should have gotten that response out of her. But no, she acts so damn concerned then lets it slide and her ex says "don't hug me, we're not dating" she is ready to fucking cry. Seriously, learn to get your god damn priorities straight!
Now, i know many people get drunk or stoned just for fun, thats fine, but those who use those vices as an escape from reality, now thats fucking rediculous. Seriously, get your fucking head screwed right and talk to me then. And tell me, is it not fair for me to tell her if she starts that shit back up again she will lose my friendship? She told me she would clean up and stopm then told me she was going to get high again. Now i dont mind she did it before, but after telling me she was going to stop and then going to do it again, now thats something i cannot stand for. Do you all feel i am unjustified? Let me know in a comment.


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